VAZ Lada NIVA from Russia

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VAZ Lada 4x4 NIVA

Price: 7 799 >>> Discount: 4%

Mark - VAZ.
Model - Lada 4x4 NIVA.
Year of manufacture - 2019.
Body type - SUV 3 doors.
Color - black.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 1,700 cm.
Transmission - Mechanics.
VIN - XTA212***********
Mileage - 5 700 miles.


Anti-lock braking system (ABS). Central locking. Immobilizer Signaling. Power steering: electric power steering. Heated mirrors. Heated seats: all. Power windows: everything. Electric mirrors. Upholstery: velor.



vaz lada 4x4 niva

Minimum mileage. One owner. Manufacturer's Warranty. No body repair. Excellent technical condition. Great look. The car is in excellent condition. Manufacturer's warranty until - 07/23/2021. The date of first registration is 07/23/2019. The number of keys is 2. Honest mileage. It is possible to conduct a test drive. The car has undergone comprehensive pre-sale training.

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