Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Mark - Toyota.
Model - Land Cruiser Prado.
Year of manufacture - 2015.
Body type - SUV.
Color - Black.
Type of fuel - diesel.
The volume of the engine is 2,800 cm.
Transmission - automatic.
Mileage - 23000 km.

Options Elegance +, additional equipment Pandora 3910, preheating, engine startup, control from the phone application, GPS, additional anti-theft "mark", mechanical gearbox lock, engine bonnet lock, metal mesh in the body color between the grille and the radiator from stones, fluff and insects, the armor on the headlights, mirrors and under the door handles, the athermal film on the front and side windows from heating the cabin in hot weather, the protection of the crankcase and gearbox (all the bottom), carpets and luggage nickel. Timely service.