Citroen C4

Mark - Citroen.
Model - C4.
Year of manufacture - 2015.
Body type - sedan.
Color - White.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 1,600 cm.
Transmission - automatic.
Mileage - 37000 km.

Excellent technical condition and appearance. Clean and well-maintained car interior. Regular body treatment with protective compounds. In the cabin they never smoked. Additionally installed: all mudguards, engine protection, absorber protection, bonnet gas stops, original seal between front and rear doors, bonnet seal, all rear windows are covered with 5% quality film, additional luggage compartment lighting, combination leather seat covers, a telematics complex with a start, an independent engine warming Webasto, complete noise and vibration isolation of the entire body, replacing all the speakers with quality spacers, the head unit was replaced with Androi d with navigation, anti-glazed high-quality polyurethane film of the entire front part of the body (bumper, hood, racks, mirrors, thresholds, front part of the roof, door handles), armored headlights with film, processing the bottom of the body immediately upon purchase, the nozzles of the washer are replaced with fan.

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