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VAZ 2121 Niva Pickup

Price: 4 600 >>> Discount: 5%

Mark - VAZ.
Model - 2121 Niva Pickup.
Year of manufacture - 2015.
Body type - pickup 2 doors.
Color - White.
Type of fuel - gasoline.
The volume of the engine is 1,600 cm.
Transmission - Mechanics.
VIN - -
Mileage - 5 000 miles.


Leather interior. Bluetooth. USB. Aux. Cassette player. Central locking. Signaling. Glass tinting. Hitch. Gas installation. Tuning.



vaz 2121 niva pickup

Pickup: 2 doors, 2 seats. 1.6 liter engine Gas / Gasoline. Gearbox - manual / mechanical. The drive is full. White color. The car is unique. Ideal for hunting, fishing. Can be used as a base for a trophy. A lot of attention in the city. Technically in excellent condition. They didn’t just look at the machine, but constantly improved it. Documents ideally, any reissuance. Installed: Power bumpers (3mm steel, powder paint). Elevator (new springs, Amorth). Continental cross contact tires. Suzuki samurai r15 wheels with swap options. Ice optics. Ice lights tidy. Silent locks. Signaling. Central locking. New engine 1.6. Recycling the reinforced body is inscribed in those. passport. Seats leather / Alcantara. Dashboard / card leather. Reduced pairs in gearboxes. New brake pads. New cardans. Tuning jet thrust. Ground camshaft. New radiator 21213. Technically, the car is ideal.

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